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Since starting Cosette's Beauty Pantry in September 2010, I’ve received a ton of  support, and growth!  For this, I’m very thankful to my loyal readers.  To continue improving Cosette's Beauty Pantry, I’m thrilled to offer sponsorship opportunities to like-minded brands, shops, and blogs!
I’m looking for sponsors and brands that will fit the interests of my readers.  Who are my readers?!  My readers are interested in the following: natural beauty products, skin care, healthy lifestyle, make-up, hair, nail care, fashion, jewellery, trends, and anything that helps them feel and look confident.  Does that sound like a good fit for your brand?  If so, you should advertise on Cosette's Beauty Pantry!
Here are some stats:
  • Page views per month: 7,000+ and growing!
  • 80% of visitors are female between the ages of 18-34.
  • 70% of new visitors are from the United States and Canada.
  • Cosette's Beauty Pantry interacts daily with thousands of followers on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram.
Is Cosette's Beauty Pantry a good fit for your brand, shop, or blog?  If the answer is “Yes!” I’d be honored to have you as a sponsor!
If you are interested in hosting a review/giveaway/discount code or advertising with Cosette's Beauty Pantry, please email me at

All ads run for 31 days.  I offer two sizes of sidebar ads, a small square ad (125 x 125 pxand a large square ad (250 x 250 px).  

Availability - 4 per month

Availability - 2 per month

If you are interested in purchasing either one of these, I would be happy to send you all of the details including the affordable pricing!

If you have any ideas on partnerships or other ways we can work together, please email me at


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